POTW: Cades Cove Primitive Baptist Church

Primitive Baptist Church

    This week’s picture of the week has a slightly differently look and feel than last week’s.  This particular night was almost a full moon night and it was incredibly bright… not something you would normally go for when doing night photography, but it was a fun night.  My nephew and I were just hanging out in the parking lot waiting on the shot and coyotes got to howling and it truly sounded like we were surrounded.  A little un-nerving, but definitely a neat experience… and one that you’ll only have in the middle of the night.  Throughout this process I’ve really come to appreciate Cades Cove at night… it takes a little more effort because you have to go on foot or bicycle… but if I’m honest, I’d say it is my favorite time to go right now.

–Dan Thompson


  1. Great pic Dan! How long do you have to keep the shutter open for a pic like this?

    • Thanks Chad! If I remember correctly, this shot was about an hour.


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