DSE 1969 Camaro

    I would guess that anyone that has hung around me for even a small amount of time will have noticed that I’m a bit of a car nut; specifically muscle cars… that go really fast around corners.  Well this weekend was the one event I never miss and its called ‘Run Thru the Hills’ (RTTH for short).  It’s sort of the anti-car show, car show.  The car show for guys (and girls) that don’t want to just sit around in a parking lot and look… they actually want to drive their cars… and do so competitively in a friendly environment.  The event is complete with a cruise and multiple chances to hang out, an auto-cross, drag race, and a speed stop challenge (think drag race, but at the end you see who can stop the fastest… good times!).  It is a TON of fun to watch, and I’m sure even more fun to compete in.

    One of the things I’m always impressed by is how awesome the vendors are.  I’m not sure you could find nicer people then the owners Detroit Speed, Kyle and Stacy Tucker.  They are both usually at the event, and they’re always competing… but most importantly they hang out and talk, and are more than happy to toss ideas around about how to make your car better.  The comradery is definitely one of the draws to the event.

    This week’s picture of the week is actually of Stacy’s 1969 Camaro as she’s auto-crossing it.  This has been one of my favorite cars to watch since the first RTTH (and ride in a couple times as well) and is really one bad machine!

–Dan Thompson

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