Tremont Scanvenger Hunt

    This weekend was the fourth annual Tremont Scavenger Hunt put on by the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont; and my sister-in-law, wife and I once again competed as ‘The Three Amigos’.  This scavenger hunt is such a good time and great learning experience that we look forward to it every year (it of course doesn’t hurt that we’ve placed every year and have won it now the past two years).  Teams are sent an email at 4:30PM on Friday evening with a list of questions and things to accomplish and then that list must be turned in on Saturday at 4:30PM.  Holly and I are big fans of the TV show ‘The Amazing Race’, and so we always refer to this as the mini-amazing race in the Smokies.

    This week’s Picture of the Week is one of the pictures we had to take while on the scavenger hunt.  Teams had to take a picture of at least one team member in front of the Cable Grist Mill on the Cades Cove loop; teams also had to submit a picture of themselves holding a sign with their team name, so we decided to knock out both pictures while we were standing at the mill.

Will ‘The Three Amigos’ be able to pull off a three-pete?  We’ll have to find out next year!!

–Dan Thompson

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