I’ve personally done four TV shows on the topic (the fourth of which is below for your viewing pleasure), and countless others have aired by the government and various broadcasters… but apparently people still just aren’t quite sure about what is going to happen to their TVs come February 17th.  Unfortunately it may get worse.  President elect Barack Obama has requested that Congress push back the February 17th cutover date, citing lack of funding for those ever-handy $40 coupons as one of the reasons for doing so.  Some 1.1 million people are on a waiting list for those coupons, and will presumably not be able to watch TV anymore after the switch is made.  FCC chairman Kevin Martin all but begged Congress not to delay the switch though, saying it would cause more confusion then exists already.  I happen to agree… but alas, no one asked me.  :)  Until such time as they get that resolved, check out the video for some last minute info on “The Great DTV Conversion”.

— Dan Thompson

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