Macro Photography

Getting up close and personal with a subject and showing details that most people overlook is something I thoroughly enjoy.  Check out my latest!

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I have been wanting to photograph frogs for a while (don’t ask…), and I finally got the opportunity to.  Check it out!

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Star Trails!

Have you ever seen a night time photograph that looked as though the stars were raining down from the heavens and wondered how the photographer did it?  Check out my “how-to” on Star Trail photography.

Star Trail Tutorial

Picture Me, Loving You

A love story gone wrong, told through pictures.
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Mormon Row

Still one of my favorite photos, this barn from “Mormon Row” in Grand Tetons National Park is supposedly one of the most photographed barns in the Country.  I can understand why!

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Beautiful Tibet

One of the most captivating places we’ve visited, Tibet was shocking to our Western senses and extremely beautiful.

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Holly's Story

Holly’s blog about surviving breast cancer and living life after the fact.

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Black and White

Black and white photography has quickly become one of my favorite styles of photography.  From the unique challenges to the timeless result… I love it.

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Easily one of our favorite cities in Europe, Prague is full of beauty around every corner.

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Most Recent Content:

The Grande, San Diego

Thank you everyone for the kind comments, shares, and likes all over social media last week, and for not being annoyed (at least not publicly) that I had two pictures of the week! The blood moon was such a neat and special thing, I just couldn’t wait to post the images (if you missed them, you can see them by clicking here)! I’ll share more pictures from our time in Europe in the coming weeks, but for now, back to southern California!

I don’t know about you guys, but I typically navigate by landmarks. Show me some tall buildings, or a prominent feature of a skyline, let me learn where things are in relation to those, and I’m usually good to get around. San Diego’s skyline has lots of interesting (from an architectural standpoint) buildings, and these two stood out to me as I was trying to learn the city; especially at night with those giant glowing boxes on top. Given that, I thought it would be cool to include them in a more intimate view of the city.

The Grande, a set of luxury condo high-rises (if you have an extra million bucks laying around, they have some units for sale still), is seen here from our 15th floor hotel room at the Wyndham Bayside. After work one evening I was messing with my camera and thought to myself that our view of the towers was as good as any, so I gave it a go. We were so close to the buildings though that I had to turn my camera in portrait orientation to see them from top to bottom. Given that, I took 10 vertical pictures and then stitched them all together to make the single horizontal image you see above. I thought the final product turned out nicely!

–Dan Thompson

Blood Moon over Szczecin

Yes, yes, I realize I’ve already done my picture for the week… but this one is so special, I hoped you’d humor me one more (or three, as it were). If you’ve not been under a rock, you’ve surely heard about the special “super blood... read more

Embarcadero Marina Park

I have always said that I’m not a big city guy… yet I keep finding myself in big cities rather than out in the wilderness (don’t worry… wilderness pictures coming soon) when we travel. If you’re going to be in a big city though, it might... read more

Inside First Church in Cambridge

So last week I mentioned that I’ve never been one to be all that excited about what University you graduated from… unless of course you graduated from MIT, in which case I would be extremely impressed. Well, all that is not to say that I didn’t at... read more

Building 32

Confession time! I’ve never been the type of person to get hung up on college degrees. Yes, you basically have to have one these days, I know. Have one from Harvard? Neat. It won’t really win you any extra points with me (not that you’d likely care,... read more

Boston at Night

I personally found Boston to be a bit of a strange place. Well, and by Boston, I mean the downtown area specifically. I think in my mind’s eye I was envisioning something like New York City, where it’s wall to wall people and just craziness happening all... read more

One if by land, two if by sea

When I travel to new places, I always look for inspiration for my photography. Sometimes that comes in the form of amazing light, sometimes it’s a situation or a mood, and sometimes it’s the place itself that inspires. Frankly though, when I had the... read more

Lightning and Lightning Bugs

It just hit me the other day how far behind I am on Picture of the Week because of the break I took for Picture Me, Loving You! Crazy! Just know that I haven’t totally lost my mind when Fall rolls around, and I’m posting pictures of Spring flowers. ANYWAY,... read more

Warp Speed

You know, there’s a funny thing about borrowing things that are nicer than yours… I have been toying with the idea of getting a new camera for a while. There is, frankly, nothing wrong with the one I have, but the newer ones out now would allow me to do... read more

Armadillos at the Magnolia Plantation

I have to admit something here… up to the point that Holly and I saw these armadillos, I’m not sure I had ever seen one that wasn’t squished on the side of the road. It’s a shame too, because they’re hilarious! Let me back up. While... read more

Even more stuff!

Picture Me, Loving You

Picture Me, Loving You

It’s different, and maybe a little whacky, but it will hopefully have you intrigued! Check out the photo-narrative!
Holly's Story


Holly was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33.  Holly’s Story is her blog about breast cancer survival.

Project Car

Project Car

Dan may or may not have an obsession with cars.  Follow along with his dream car build up; a 1967 Camaro.

Dan on TV

Dan on TV

Did you know that Dan appears regularly on TV in the Knoxville and Chattanooga markets?  Check out some of his segments here.